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Remote Marketing Specialist

Remote Marketing Specialist

A Remote Marketing Specialist is only as far away as a phone call or email. Have you ever considered hiring a consultant to support your business marketing needs?  There are a variety of advantages to outside resources….I’m not saying offshore, just offsite.   So what are you waiting for?

Get Marketing!

Consultant vs. Employee
  • Responsive marketing support
  • Marketing support on an as-needed basis. You are strictly paying for the work completed rather than a 40-hour workweek.
  • You are hiring a reliable, dedicated professional; training time is eliminated.
  • A one-stop shop with a greater depth of skill for print and online promotion. This includes the design talent, the clever marketing concepts,  and an understanding of the production process.
Reduced Costs!
  • No payroll taxes
  • No employee benefits
  • No vacation time
  • No sick days
  • No medical leave
  • No insurance costs
Advantages of an Employee?

Yes, they are available at a moment’s notice, but they are…

  • Drinking your coffee
  • Getting paid even if there is nothing to do
  • Collecting costly employee benefits
Hmmmmm, a remote resource is looking better and better! Give us a call for your complimentary evaluation.


Top 10 Marketing Tips for the New Entrepreneur

Top 10 Marketing Tips for the New Entrepreneur

I recently had the opportunity to be interviewed for an Entrepreneurship class. I guess my 21 years in business gave the professor the feeling I was an expert OR at least able to offer some ideas to those just getting ready to hang out their shingle.

I was asked to provide a handout to the students and came up with what I consider to be good tips for the new entrepreneur.  Honestly some of these tips are things I wish I had known  22 years ago; but as you know, it’s all a part of the journey. So wherever you are in your business journey, I hope you can get something out of the following:

1. Create Your Business Brand.  Although your company logo is an important part of your business brand, there is so much more involved. Your brand identity is the experience one has when encountering your product or service. Are you selling burgers or steak? Both are great, however the marketing approach will be quite different for each.  Determine the business personality you want to project and carry it throughout your marketing materials.

2. Be Consistent. As you create your company brand, be consistent with your logo display,
the colors and fonts you use, etc.  That consistent look on your marketing collateral, your website, social media, and emails makes you memorable and recognizable.

3. Be a Problem Solver. If your product or service solves a problem, there are businesses our there that need YOU!

4. Create Your Personal Brand. Be yourself and project your personality into your products and services.  You have competition, however your personal branding is what makes you and your business unique. People work with people they enjoy. Allow your clients to get to know you.

5. Create a Marketing Plan and Stick to it!    It takes a number of “touches” to get a customer’s attention. Your goal is to stay foremost in your potential clients’ minds. Determine how often you will send out eNews, how often you will post a blog, etc. , put it on your calendar and make it happen.

6. Connect on LinkedIn. Get involved in discussions or better yet, begin a discussion. When someone comments on your topic, follow up! Continue building relationships.

7. Schedule Weekly Marketing Time.  Whether it is a particular day each week or a certain number of hours each day, dedicate time specifically to promoting your business. This may be networking, a one-to-one meeting, a phone call, developing an eNewsletter, or writing a blog post.  Focused, consistent marketing efforts generate a steady stream of opportunity.

8. All Promotion Should Point to your Website.   Whether it is a social media discussion, a blog post, or direct mail marketing collateral, be sure it links back to your website. The more traffic you generate to your site, the more search engines pay attention.

9. Don’t Hide Behind your Email Waiting for the Phone to Ring…It probably wont! You MUST be proactive. Pick up the phone and make the connection  with your potential clients.  They may have every intention of working with you; but as you know, life happens and you may end up on the bottom of the stack.  Briefly connect and remind them that you are happy to help with a problem they are trying to solve.

10. Don’t Sell, EDUCATE!  Most people don’t like the hard sell. When you’re blogging, communicating on social media and in person, provide valuable information rather than pressure!

What tips can you add to this list?


Click here to download a copy of  the Top 10 Marketing Tips for the New Entrepreneur list!


Event theme

Promote Your Event Theme through Photo Editing

Looking for that perfect image to communicate your event theme ? Sometimes it doesn’t exist. Sometimes photo editing is necessary to create the message you wish to communicate.

This image below was developed for the Orange Chamber of Commerce which explains the use of an orange. The Chamber’s CEO requested the use of a globe for promoting an upcoming event. What could work better than combining the two?  As you take a closer look, note that the continents are made of orange peel.  Although I doubt you could do an online search and find a globe made of an orange, with photo editing, it can be done!event theme

So what is the event theme that you want to communicate? There are few limitations to creating the perfect image! Just to get your juices flowing, CLICK HERE to see how photo editing can provide you with that perfect photo!

Email Marketing

Email Marketing Works!

At the beginning of 2014, I made a commitment to connect with my connections…Those I’ve done business with, potential clients, people I’ve met through networking, etc.  My 2014 goal is to provide an eNewsletter on a monthly basis…the perfect way to remind everyone that yes I’m available to help you promote your business!NoticeMe

So now it’s time for my February message.  Based on the results of my January eNews, my message is that email marketing works…As a result of my January eNews, I gained three new clients. One of those projects was actually the opportunity to set up an email marketing campaign for another client; and the result from his first edition was a 41% open rate. With his list of email addresses, that was a connection with over 500 people.  Plus, after one day, he also gained 3 new projects….Something tells me he will continue with this campaign. It pays for itself very quickly!

 So what’s the next step for you? Gather that database of email contacts who have given you permission to contact them. Consider the information you would like to share. Many times the best approach for this is to answer the frequently asked questions that you hear.

Email marketing can be broken down into three basic areas:

  1. Set up an email marketing account such as MailChimp or Constant Contact and upload your mailing list. This is relatively inexpensive product for the returns you will most likely receive.
  2. Create an eNews template. I would take the time to set up a design that can be used repeatedly. It can include static data such as contact information, links to your website and social media, affiliates, etc. and also areas for articles that change with each edition…Remember those FAQs.
  3. Evaluate the results of your mailings. This is one of the benefits of an email marketing account such as MailChimp or Constant Contact. You will be provided with information such as how many opened your email, clicked through to links available, forwarded to a friend, etc.   Over time, you will be able to figure out the best day and time to send out an email to maximize your open rate (and this varies from one industry to another.)

If you would like more information about the cost of setting up a campaign to promote your products and services, please get in touch. We can evaluate what you would like to accomplish, how often you would like to connect, how this program can drive additional traffic to your website and more.  I can help you with one, two or all three steps necessary to get you started.  I believe you’ll find the ROI to be worth the time you invest.

Marketing Strategy

How to Potty Train a Water Turtle (and other marketing strategies for Thinking Think Outside the Box)

Did you ever have a pet water turtle as a kid? You know, the ones in the plastic bowl with the palm tree?  They never lasted too long….Well when my daughter was 5, she received a turtle at a birthday party instead of a goodie bag…It was just about the size of a 50 cent piece (wow, that dates me, doesn’t it!)…As a parent, I would have preferred she receive the goodie bag!

Anyway, that was 20 years ago and Sally the turtle is still with us…As you know, once you name them, they’re part of the family. ..and turtles are the dirtiest things!  Over the years, Sally has outgrown bowls and aquariums. I have cleaned more turtle containers than I care to mention!

Well, we decided to let Sally have the run of our laundry room rather than be cooped up in an aquarium all the time. We started providing a shallow pan of water.  We would put her in the pan and feed her and she would take care of the rest.

What began to happen was that Sally would get in the pan on her own when she was hungry. We’d feed her, she’d take care of business and then move on…The beauty of this is that cleaning out a small pan is so much easier than a large aquarium.

Did you know you could potty train a turtle?  Did you think turtles were that smart? I had no idea!

I know this is such a random story to tell, but believe me, there is a point…It’s about Thinking Outside the Box! At a networking seminar I recently attended, the concept of thinking beyond the obvious client opportunity was introduced. The question is: what type of business (that your competition hasn’t thought about yet) would be a good referral source for you? If this hasn’t occurred to your competition, then you are ahead of the game!

As a graphic designer and particularly one that is looking to build my photo restoration business, let me just throw out an idea….Again, this will seem random but stay with me…Morticians…..Now you’re asking “why would a graphic designer want to be introduced to morticians?”  Well, think about it. When someone is preparing for a service for the dearly departed, they put out a display of photos…Some are VERY OLD. They’ve been stuffed in a drawer, folded, torn…You get the picture (well actually, I hope I get the picture–ha ha).

They also might have a family photo where one person is missing from the group. They would be ever so grateful to have the entire family together in at least one picture.  See the lady in the striped shirt in the picture on the left?  Well, now she’s added to the photo on the right…plus she has feet!

Back to thinking outside the box…Morticians…Such an odd sounding referral opportunity, but a potential goldmine…And there are others. We all just need to think beyond the obvious.

Here’s another good tip…Figure out who you know that would have the same database of clients, non-competing of course. Who is their supplier of products they use?  What about the financial planners who want to meet those who have just received an inheritance? These are individuals who would love to share referrals—They are not your competition and they open new opportunities.

Just think about it…Outside the box, of course!