Cowboy image that has received photo restoration service

Photo Restoration

photo restoration of an old damaged photo

Cleaning out grandma’s attic? Did you find an OLD photo that needs some care? We can repair creases, tears, cutouts, faded images and more.  Take a look at these images to see how photo restoration can preserve special memories.

This image is over 90 years old. It was by far my most involved challenge.  The corner was missing.  There were multiple creases and tears. One of the young men in the back row had no nose! It had been torn off the photograph. I copied, pasted, color adjusted, sized and blended his brother’s nose and restored it.

This photo is just too dark and needed some scratches removed.

restore an old photo

And this photo had the woman in the striped blouse extracted from one image and added to another photo so the whole family could be together!

Adding person to a photo

And here is the final product!

photo restoration project

Do you have a photo that needs some repair? Contact us for more information on how we can turn that image into a treasured memory.