Branding…It’s not just a logo

It’s a projection of your vision, your mission, your image. It creates emotion…When someone encounters your products or services, you want it to be an experience that goes beyond the logical…THAT is what good branding can do! And best of all, effective branding happens 24/7.

What is our Branding Process?

  • Consultation and evaluation of your vision
  • Research into your competition, industry and audience
  • Development of a plan to effectively promote your products and services in print, via email and online
  • Design of a company logo (if needed)
  • Development of marketing collateral
  • Delivery of high resolution art for your printed materials and correctly formatted artwork for optimized online promotion


CLICK HERE to download additional information about the Designer Mouse Brand Development Process.



A clever, memorable logo utilized on a consistent basis is part of effective branding. It provides recognition for your business. It guarantees that you will stand out in a crowd.

Consider a consultation with Designer Mouse to review your logo, evaluate how it compares to your competition, and make sure it is being used consistently in all your marketing collateral.