Meet the Designer Mouse Graphic Designer

Hello!  I am Donna Watson, owner, Chief Creative Officer, and the mouse of Designer Mouse Graphic Design.

I have always been a creative type. Whether it was drawing lions as a kid, decorating cakes for family parties or painting stage sets, I have always loved having a paint brush in my hand or figuring out how to create a stage set out of brown kraft paper!  It was only a matter of time before I would find something creative to do as a career.  This was where graphic and web design came in.

Back in 1993 when I began my formal graphic design training, the courses fell under the category of “Computer Graphics.”   We’ve come a long way since then. “Creative” is still “creative” but the software tools and production have changed by leaps and bounds.

  • WordPress applications vs. html websites has made website development more user-friendly.
  • Digital  vs. Offset printing has made full color printing affordable and good looking!
  • And typesetting…I’m dating myself, but I remember watching typesetters set the type one line at a time…That goes waaaaayyy back!

Designer Mouse was established in 1994, and we have been providing creative marketing concepts, brand development and business promotion campaigns for our clients for 29 years.  Over the years, Designer Mouse has added (and removed) services. Marketing campaigns now include website design, social media, email marketing, photo editing/restoration, and printed marketing collateral.  AND everything provided by “the Mouse” is creative, clever and unique. So whether you need an entire campaign to promote your business or just support in a particular area, Designer Mouse can help.