Email Marketing Campaigns

Want to reach current and future clients via email marketing? Utilize eNewsletters, ePostcards, eCoupons and more! Most materials that are set up for print can be easily reformatted and utilized online or in emails as well.  Take advantage of your marketing materials and reach a wider audience in print and online.

Here are some strategies for a more effective email marketing campaign:

  • Redirect readers to your website to increase Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Find out how emails were opened, if links were clicked, if the email was forwarded to a friend, etc.
  • Discover what messages are working for your business!

Designer Mouse offers a variety of options including

  • Template setup: Include content that will display with each eNewsletter along with an area for your new message!
  • Database setup: Check your email list for duplicates and invalid listings.
  • Email layout: Create a design that includes your company branding, contact information, etc.
  • Results reports: Opens, redirects, forwarded emails, bounced emails, etc.

We utilize applications such as Mail Chimp and Constant Contact to develop your campaigns, however YOU are in control of how much Designer Mouse handles and how much YOU handle. Contact Designer Mouse to find out the benefits of a digital marketing campaign and how simple it is to begin!