Website Maintenance

Can you do it yourself? Yes you can!

Once a business has gone to the expense of hiring Designer Mouse to develop their website, we generally hear “can you train us to handle website maintenance in-house?”  rather than depending on the availability and cost of a webmaster.

We understand that!

Here is our recommendation: Let’s set up your site using an application such as WordPress. It is user friendly, especially for simple edits.  I wouldn’t recommend you attempt a major overhaul of your website, you will be able to manage minor revisions to your site with some basic website maintenance training.

Has an employee been promoted? New title? Have phone numbers or other contact information changed? New address? Heaven forbid, did you find a type-o??? (it happens!)

These are all things that can be easily and quickly changed in house.

Website Training

We can provide the website training you need to make minor revisions yourself!


Monthly Maintenance Packages.

On the other hand, you may find that your time is better spent focused on your business rather than your business marketing. Keeping your WordPress application, plugins and theme current is vital to the security of your site. In addition, you may want to add blog posts on a regular basis or your staff and products are changing at an incredible frequency. Ask us about our affordable monthly maintenance packages and keep your website healthy and your promotion up to date.