Photo Editing

Photo editing gives you the opportunity to have the perfect image (even if the original was less than perfect!).  Here are a few samples.

Ever struggle with finding the perfect image to communicate your message? Remember, a picture is worth a thousand words. Making the effort to portray your message at a glance can be powerful and photo editing can make it happen.  This set of photos was used as a Designer Mouse holiday greeting (before dinner with the beautiful turkey and after with the carcass and a stack of dishes).  Yes, that is the Designer Mouse edited into the photo.

Ever want to add someone into a photo? Take someone out? In the group photo, one individual was missing.  As you can see in the second image, the woman on the left was edited into the photo, thus completing the entire group.

What if the photographer positioned you so a tree was growing out of the top of your head? As you can see, photo editing can provide the intended image without another photo shoot.

Here’s an event theme for the Orange Chamber of Commerce. It combines a glass globe and an orange. Note that the surface of the continents is orange peel.

What message do you want to convey? What image do you need?  With photo editing, the opportunities are limitless!