Responsive Website Test

Does your website pass the Responsive Website Test? Is it developed to be responsive on multiple platforms? Is it legible on your smartphone without the need to zoom in?   Try THIS TEST to see if your site is set for mobile display. Go ahead and check…I’ll wait. This is IMPORTANT!
Now read on to find out why!

Nowadays, a majority of information is gathered via our mobile devices rather than computers. Your site must be legible on every device – smartphone, tablet, laptop, desktop – without the need to zoom in.

If a potential client cannot access your site from their smartphone, they will move on to your competitor’s site!

Non-responsive sites (not mobile friendly) are being penalized by search engines such as Google.

Non-Mobile sites are being ignored by search engines.

This is the website development that Designer Mouse provides:
  • A Multi-Platform site that will be legible using any device
  • A site that is set up for simple, minor revisions IN HOUSE – And we can train you!
  • Research – Your competition, industry and audience
  • Planning – Social media, email, and direct mail promotion ALL directing your audience to your website
  • Design – Aesthetically pleasing with a focus on clear navigation throughout the site
  • Maintenance – Monitoring the site for update software versions, appropriate and positive blog activity


CLICK HERE to download additional information about the Designer Mouse Web Design Process .