21403390I Did it All by Myself!

Parents of young children are constantly teaching them how to accomplish the simple tasks on their own…Wouldn’t it be embarrassing if you still had to tie your 35-year old’s shoes? Scary thought, huh!

Seriously, when children are able to accomplish something by themselves, there is such a sense of pride, accomplishment and control. This doesn’t end when we become adults. We all want to control our situations and feel that sense of accomplishment.

What do you want to do “all by yourself?”   How about maintaining your site following website design?

When it comes to creating a website, what I often hear is “I need you to develop my website design, but I want the ability to maintain it.” No one wants to be at the mercy of an outside resource that may not be available for a week or two. If they have an event coming up or a special sale, the information needs to be online NOW! If an address changes or “years in business” needs to be updated, they don’t want to pay for this minor revision.

Designer Mouse offers website design and development utilizing WordPress, a very user-friendly application. In addition to the website build, we set up client access to your website and provide “Website Maintenance 101” so you can keep your site current.

When something more involved comes up, we are here to help.

Would you like to add a slide show? A video?
Do you have an image that needs a bit of editing? Color correction?
Do you want to capture contact information of your viewers?website design
Want access to Google Analytics?
How about Search Engine Optimization?

Keep Designer Mouse in mind for the initial website design and more involved updates. For the simple stuff, we will have you trained to maintain your site; and the best part is that you will have the sense of accomplishment, control of a quick turnaround, and savings.

Plus, you get to say….“I did it all by myself!”