Remote Marketing Specialist

A Remote Marketing Specialist is only as far away as a phone call or email. Have you ever considered hiring a consultant to support your business marketing needs?  There are a variety of advantages to outside resources….I’m not saying offshore, just offsite.   So what are you waiting for?

Get Marketing!

Consultant vs. Employee
  • Responsive marketing support
  • Marketing support on an as-needed basis. You are strictly paying for the work completed rather than a 40-hour workweek.
  • You are hiring a reliable, dedicated professional; training time is eliminated.
  • A one-stop shop with a greater depth of skill for print and online promotion. This includes the design talent, the clever marketing concepts,  and an understanding of the production process.
Reduced Costs!
  • No payroll taxes
  • No employee benefits
  • No vacation time
  • No sick days
  • No medical leave
  • No insurance costs
Advantages of an Employee?

Yes, they are available at a moment’s notice, but they are…

  • Drinking your coffee
  • Getting paid even if there is nothing to do
  • Collecting costly employee benefits
Hmmmmm, a remote resource is looking better and better! Give us a call for your complimentary evaluation.