Graphic Designers know Why your Online Image Look So Terrible in Print?

Why should graphic designers be consulted? Because they know the answer to this question. It is a very important answer because it can be the difference between a fuzzy image and a crisp, well-displayed image.

As a graphic designer,  I often have people send me images to include in a printed piece such as a newsletter or brochure.  As soon as I see the size of the file, I know that it looks perfect on their computer monitor, BUT what they don’t realize is that if that same image is printed, it will not have the same crisp, clean look.

The beauty of that online image is that at a very low resolution (generally 72 dpi), it can look great and displays quickly. However when it comes to a printed image, it needs to be in the neighborhood of 300 dpi (dots per inch….that’s dots of ink) to display well.

graphic designersFor example… Here is an image at 300 dpi, perfect for printing purposes.    If you took that same image and downloaded it off a website, the resolution would be around 72 dpi; and although it would look fine online, in print it would look something like this.  graphic designers

So now when your graphic designer asks for a high resolution image for your next printed piece, you can impress him/her with your knowledge and understanding of why the 300 dpi image is necessary…And go ahead and throw out terms such as 300 dpi vs 72 dpi…Then ask about CMYK vs RGB files….It’ll freak ’em out!