Photo Editing Saves the Day!

Photo editing is really quite amazing. We take photos to capture a very important moment and sometimes are so disappointed in the outcome. The photo is too dark, the color just isn’t right, someone or something is in the photo that you’d rather not have there…The list goes on and on.  Well here is a sample of a very dark photo that has been saved via photo editing…Color adjustments, lightening the image, tweaking the contrast, cropping, etc., and the result is a rather nice composition that you can actually see!

photo editing

Do you have a photo that needs a bit of care? Something that is important to you? Something that is needed for your marketing collateral or an old photograph that needs to be restored?  Designer Mouse can help! Whether you have a digital file or a hard copy photograph requiring a scan, we can take a look and let you know if the image can be saved.

CLICK HERE to see additional photo editing samples.