Group Photos – Is Everyone Here?

With group photos, you want everyone in the picture. Whether it is a family portrait at a wedding or a corporate event…. generally someone misses the party or doesn’t get the memo! This is where someone with expertise in Photoshop can jump in and save the day.

Below are a couple samples of group photos where someone was added to the photo after the fact.  In this first example of a leadership class, one individual was not available on “Fire Department Day” and was added in the photo on the right.

group photosgroup photos

group photosIn the next example, the young lady (striped shirt) in the smaller photo on the left never seemed to make it to the family gathering.  With the “magic” of Photoshop, there she is on the right…feet and all!group photos






Of course there are also those photos where you would like someone taken out (for a variety of reasons that we won’t go into, but you know who those people are!)  This is a sample where it was necessary to remove an individual from the photo. The lady fourth from the left is not in the final photo.

group photosgroup photos

We all have those important photos that could use a bit of tweeking… Adding someone in, taking someone out, creating a beautiful sky on an otherwise dreary day, removing a tree that seems to be growing out the of top of someone’s head!  Interested in enhancing a special image? Let Designer Mouse help!