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There are a variety of ways of marketing your business both in print and online. 

Effective Promotion Case Study: The Carpet Cleaner

I have a client that gets a great conversion rate with a very simple, inexpensive approach. He is a carpet cleaner…His marketing collateral is a postcard which he places on neighbors’ doorsteps following completion of a job. He invites neighbors to come by and see how clean the “Jone’s” carpets are, suggest that they may want to “keep up with Jone’s” with clean carpets as well, and offers a discount if they call within the next week, mention the “Jone’s”, and book a job. With a simple postcard left at around 10 homes, this carpet cleaner’s ROI is around 75%. The clean carpets speak for themselves! New customers just need to be attracted.

How do YOU attract Customers?

Clearly the “carpet cleaner” approach is not the best for all businesses. Marketing collateral comes in a variety of forms…Online websites, social media, ads and email campaigns as well as printed collateral: postcards, posters, brochures, sell sheets, business cards, etc.Generally the best approach is in multiple arenas.

What is the best approach for your business?

Generally the best approach is on multiple fronts.  A website is a must and activity in social media is a good approach as well.  A regular eNews can reach those who gather their information via email, and of course printed marketing collateral is extremely important for that in-person encounter.

Let’s have a discussion, do some research, develop a plan and get your business the exposure it needs!