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Photo Correction

Photo Correction. How many changes can you spot?

Photo correction takes lemons and makes lemonade! Do you have photos that would be perfect if you could make a few minor corrections?  A distracting flash? Someone with their eyes closed (I usually am guilty of that!)? Someone you’d like to remove from the photo? Someone that needs to be added in?

Take a look at the following images…before and after versions…and see how photo correction improved the “not so perfect.” The major changes are the removal of the tree in the background coming out of the top of the gentleman’s head. In addition, the gray day became one with blue sky and puffy white clouds.


Photo Restoration

Photo Restoration – Watch a Photo Come to Life

Just wanted to share a photo restoration project I’m working….It’s amazing to see what can be done to correct aged photos. The original image I scanned was very faded and very monochrome.  Mind you, this project isn’t done yet, but here’s the progress so far…At the top left is the scanned image. Top right has enhanced color which brings out the damage. At the bottom is the image brought back into living color!


Do you have a photo that could use a bit of TLC? Designer Mouse can help!