event promotion planEvent Promotion Plan: Brand It!

I recently received a project to create an event promotion plan for an upcoming fundraising event for WHW (Women Helping Women/Men to Work).  Just as you need to brand your business, it is important to brand your events with a consistent look that will get your audience’s attention and provides recognition.  This may seem overwhelming to some, so I’d like to share a case study of the process for developing a plan for promoting your next event. It is painless for my clients and fun for me!

When I was hired, I was told that the event was to have a 50’s theme; and it would include a luncheon and fashion show. They needed concept development, Save the Date cards, sponsor requests, invitations, and a variety of other documents for promoting their event in print and online.  From the organization’s think tank, I was given the following ideas (and for those of you raised in the 50’s, these will send you down Memory Lane):
Rock Around the Clock…It’s time to get a job!
Happy Days, I Got the Job!
Blast to the Past 50’s
Bee Bop Do Wop
Shamalama Ding Dong
Shake, Rattle and Roll
50’s Fabulous and Fun
Greased Lightning Gala
Get your Kicks on Route 66

Add to that some of my own ideas — Daddy-O–Like Crazy, Man–Goodness Gracious Great Balls of Fire–Life Could be a Dream, Sha Boom Sha Boom, etc. — and you see how the process begins.

From there, I develop a variety of visuals for consideration including:

event promotion planevent promotion planevent promotion planevent promotion planevent promotion planevent promotion plan

The WHW feedback was a “thumbs up” for a combination of “Happy Days – I Got the Job” and the movie marquis, “Sh-Boom-Sh-Boom.” The final result was the image displayed at the top of this article.  See? Painless!  Once the theme and the logo are developed, it’s just a matter PROMOTION!  Visit the WHW site and you’ll see what I mean. Then come back! Come back to Designer Mouse where we can help you promote YOUR upcoming event!