Want to Save Time and Money on your Company Website?

SweeetrepeeetSave Time and Money on your Website!

Whenever I am approached for a website design project, I almost always hear “I want to you to develop my site, but I want to maintain it myself. Can I do that?”

Well, the answer is “yes!”

Sweeet Repeeet Consignment asked me that question, and here is their newly redesigned website.

We offer a website that is user-friendly, easy to update, and doesn’t require the need to understand html code. There is no need to be a programmer or highly technical. Once your site is developed, you can make simple updates, add weekly specials, insert blog posts and more. You don’t have to wait on your developer’s availability, and you don’t have to pay for minor changes. You will save time and money.

Want to promote this week’s special? Need this update NOW?

The answer is WordPress.

WordPress offers a variety of themes to accommodate the purpose of your website whether it is strictly a blog site, totally informational, requires a gallery of photos or a portfolio, or includes eCommerce. WordPress develops the code behind the scenes, and what you end up with is a clean, responsive site that is legible on all platforms including your smartphone, tablet and your laptop.

Website Backup and Recovery

Another “must” for your site is the ability to back up the files and MORE important, the ability to recover your site quickly if it goes down.With every website Designer Mouse designs, we set up a back up and recovery system as part of the project.  You will be able to manually backup your files or schedule backups to occur automatically. And recovery is as simple as the push of a button. Having a backup of your website provides the peace of mind we all need to make sure our sites are running at all times!

Want to maintain your site?

Designer Mouse offers “WordPress Training 101.” Once we develop your site, we will set up usernames and passwords for your staff that should have access to the files. We will go through the website to show you how to maintain it, update it, and back it up. And here’s the best part: when you make a revision to your site, you can preview it before it goes “live.” No surprises.

Focus on your business!

Now I know you need to focus on your core business. That is where your time must be spent rather than figuring out how to build a website. Hire a professional for this task.

Have more questions? Complete the Contact Form on this website and request a complimentary consultation for your website needs.  Whether it is a redesign of an existing site or the development of something brand new, get in touch and let’s see how we can improve your online presence.


What is a Logo Style Sheet and Why is it Important?

What is a Logo Style Sheet and Why is it Important?


I received a call recently from an Ad Specialty professional regarding the color of a client’s logo. The product being produced needed to match the client’s corporate identity and branding. The only information available was the CMYK (cyan-magenta-yellow-black) color formula which is the formula used for printed materials. The producer needed PMS® colors. PMS® stands for Pantone Matching System and is a very precise print color formula. If the color must be exact, the PMS® color is the way to go.

Just to add one more color formula into the mix, if you are developing a website or other online images, RGB (red-green-blue) is the formula to use.

At this point, I know you are probably glazing over and are thinking “I don’t care which formula you use. Just make it right!”

Well, after a bit of research and trial and error, I was able to provide two optional PMS® colors that were very close to the original CMYK formula provided and appropriate for this ad specialty item.

So why is a logo style sheet important? When you have a logo designed or branding developed for your business, you want the color and fonts to be consistent from one medium to the next.  When working with a graphic designer, be sure to ask for the style sheet. You personally may never use this or understand it or care. It’s not your industry. This is why you hire a graphic designer. They do care!

So let’s say the original designer has retired. You need marketing collateral developed and have no idea what the color formula is for your logo. If you have a logo style sheet provided by the original designer who developed your company logo, your new designer will have all the information they need to keep your business branding and corporate identity consistent. This will save time and money! (Do I have your attention now?)

It you just want the “bottom line”… the “takeaway,” skip down to the last paragraph!   I know you’re busy. It’s okay!

BUT for those of you who love a “visual,” here is some of the information that should be included on a logo style sheet:logo

The color swatch for the red in this logo includes the PMS® number, the CMYK formula, the RGB formula and the Web Safe RGB number.

In addition, a style sheet may display optional approved logo colors. Sometimes a 1-color logo is more appropriate and that information can be included.

Some style sheets provide the guide for white space required around a logo. Other images and text must be a certain distance from the image.

Finally, the style sheet will list approved fonts to be used. This information in particular can save an enormous amount of time (and money). There are so many fonts available, finding the correct one can be daunting.

The bottom line is to be sure your graphic designer provides this information as part of a logo design project and your business brand development package. It will be invaluable as you continue to market your business.

Photo Editing Saves the Day!

Photo Editing Saves the Day!

Photo editing is really quite amazing. We take photos to capture a very important moment and sometimes are so disappointed in the outcome. The photo is too dark, the color just isn’t right, someone or something is in the photo that you’d rather not have there…The list goes on and on.  Well here is a sample of a very dark photo that has been saved via photo editing…Color adjustments, lightening the image, tweaking the contrast, cropping, etc., and the result is a rather nice composition that you can actually see!

photo editing

Do you have a photo that needs a bit of care? Something that is important to you? Something that is needed for your marketing collateral or an old photograph that needs to be restored?  Designer Mouse can help! Whether you have a digital file or a hard copy photograph requiring a scan, we can take a look and let you know if the image can be saved.

CLICK HERE to see additional photo editing samples.

Website Design

21403390I Did it All by Myself!

Parents of young children are constantly teaching them how to accomplish the simple tasks on their own…Wouldn’t it be embarrassing if you still had to tie your 35-year old’s shoes? Scary thought, huh!

Seriously, when children are able to accomplish something by themselves, there is such a sense of pride, accomplishment and control. This doesn’t end when we become adults. We all want to control our situations and feel that sense of accomplishment.

What do you want to do “all by yourself?”   How about maintaining your site following website design?

When it comes to creating a website, what I often hear is “I need you to develop my website design, but I want the ability to maintain it.” No one wants to be at the mercy of an outside resource that may not be available for a week or two. If they have an event coming up or a special sale, the information needs to be online NOW! If an address changes or “years in business” needs to be updated, they don’t want to pay for this minor revision.

Designer Mouse offers website design and development utilizing WordPress, a very user-friendly application. In addition to the website build, we set up client access to your website and provide “Website Maintenance 101” so you can keep your site current.

When something more involved comes up, we are here to help.

Would you like to add a slide show? A video?
Do you have an image that needs a bit of editing? Color correction?
Do you want to capture contact information of your viewers?website design
Want access to Google Analytics?
How about Search Engine Optimization?

Keep Designer Mouse in mind for the initial website design and more involved updates. For the simple stuff, we will have you trained to maintain your site; and the best part is that you will have the sense of accomplishment, control of a quick turnaround, and savings.

Plus, you get to say….“I did it all by myself!”

Remote Marketing Specialist

Remote Marketing Specialist

A Remote Marketing Specialist is only as far away as a phone call or email. Have you ever considered hiring a consultant to support your business marketing needs?  There are a variety of advantages to outside resources….I’m not saying offshore, just offsite.   So what are you waiting for?

Get Marketing!

Consultant vs. Employee
  • Responsive marketing support
  • Marketing support on an as-needed basis. You are strictly paying for the work completed rather than a 40-hour workweek.
  • You are hiring a reliable, dedicated professional; training time is eliminated.
  • A one-stop shop with a greater depth of skill for print and online promotion. This includes the design talent, the clever marketing concepts,  and an understanding of the production process.
Reduced Costs!
  • No payroll taxes
  • No employee benefits
  • No vacation time
  • No sick days
  • No medical leave
  • No insurance costs
Advantages of an Employee?

Yes, they are available at a moment’s notice, but they are…

  • Drinking your coffee
  • Getting paid even if there is nothing to do
  • Collecting costly employee benefits
Hmmmmm, a remote resource is looking better and better! Give us a call for your complimentary evaluation.